What are students saying?

What are parents saying?

Patricia S.

Thank you so much for this program! It has already made a strong impact in Daniella's life. She has clarified her career goal - event planner. She enrolled in a speed reading/summer reading program. She is also watching informative TedTalks, all of which bring maturity and personal growth! Just today she heard she got selected for a summer internship and is excited about working on a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Free Arts for Abused Children. She is doing all of this on her own and I could not be more proud of her.

- Patricia S., mother of senior at West Ranch High School

Mitzi S.

I think that this is a wonderful program to offer to high school students, especially at a time in our society when it can be SO hard to find work of any kind. This program really helps to empower our young people, and this is a huge relief to us parents, as well as to our children. Thank you!

- Mitzi S., mother of sophomore at Ulysses S. Grant High School

Alex W.

Melissa absolutely loved her conference! She said she never, not once, looked at the time - the day flew by. She has been talking about the program since Saturday, and has shown a real enthusiasm in continuing to participate. Thank you so much for this absolutely fabulous program! I know Melissa will continue to grow and thrive.

- Alex W., mother of freshman at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

Dennis W.

Spencer was very enthusiastic with what he learned at the conference and what he learned about himself. His confidence level rose and he understood the value of the tools he is being introduced to. He is formulating goals and feels very good about being able to accomplish them. Thank you very much for creating this valuable experience and for presenting the opportunity to Spencer..

- Dennis W., father of senior at Mira Costa High School

Marina M.

My daughter is already empowered by having attended the conference. She came home feeling inspired and hopeful that there are more options out there for her than she thought there were.

- Marina M., mother of junior at Palisades Charter High School

Marcela R.

We are so grateful Stephanie was chosen for this amazing opportunity. She is our oldest and we didn't get the chance to continue with college right after high school. She has worked so hard to live her dream of college and a career in Physical Therapy. Now with Skillify we know she is a step closer to making it a reality.

- Marcela R., mother of sophomore at West Covina High School

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