Transforming Students into
Young Professionals

Whether you're a parent, an educator, or a student,
scroll down to see how we coach students to find their success, their way.

The Impact

of students say they achieved
their goal of securing
a mentorship
of students say they achieved
their goal of securing
a job shadow
of students say they achieved
their goal of securing
an internship


All students apply to and begin with the six month, Level 1 Program: “The Networker.”

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Learn what it takes

Before students can figure out what they’re interested in, they need to learn what it takes. That’s why the six-month program kicks off with a one-day conference at the University of Southern California. Students will learn the core professional skills that will leave them feeling empowered and ready to explore their interests beyond their school’s campus.

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Your virtual coach
has your back

Once students learn what it takes, it’s go-time! They will need help along the way, so each student will have a virtual coach who will be available based on the student’s schedule. Coaches help students narrow down their interests, meet professionals in those fields, and support them in the way they need.

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Transform conversations
into opportunities

There is a reason why the program is six months long. We start with simple introductions to any of the 450+ professionals we have in the Skillify network. Based on the student’s goal and schedule, the coach will provide personalized guidance on turning simple introductions into professional opportunities, like mentorships, job shadows, and internships.

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Cross It off Your List, You’re One Step Closer

These things take time. We give students time to build relationships, job shadow, and explore other
interests if their initial interest didn’t work out. We’re a big fan of “Cross it off the list, you’re one step closer!”

This isn’t about locking our students down, but empowering them to
actively explore and find the best options for themselves.